Public Art: Cuba

Art that is in the public purview is a gift that artist bestow upon us. These photos are but a small segment of the numerous examples of street/public art.  Many thanks to the artist whom I have had the pleasure to meet and those whose work I was able to see first hand.  As one maneuvers the streets of Havana, one is bombarded with the wondrous sights and sounds, thatfor me define Cuba. Art , as I have come to learn, has a profound place in Cuban culture.  It holds a place that many estadounidenses, (Americans) fail to understand.


No Human Is Illegal

I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop for Chaffey College Winghal Museumthis past November. The workshops entitled,  "No Human Being is Illegal: Posters On The Myths and Realities of the Immigrant Experience" was a part of a series of events addressing immigration and immigrants in this new anti-immigrant era. I was honored to be working with the talented printer Pavel Achevedo. 

We were actually able to do some collaborative pieces. I think that although different, our styles compliment each other harmoniously.

Plant to Paper Project

It's not often where one gets an opportunity to share what one loves on a large platform, however when I was approached to do the Plant to Paper Project I was in before Daniell, from San BErnardino Arts Connection could finish asking. Teaching, for me, is as much fun as learning. As we go throught the processes I gain valuble knowledge form the studetns as to what works and what doesn't. But ore so I get to see the fruits of thestudents labor in the end which pushes me to be an even better instuctor.

Bern Fest 2

Saturday, April 16 at 5 PM - 11 PM

Back To The Grind

3575 University Ave, Riverside, California 92501

A second Inland Empire music & arts festival & fundraiser to benefit Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign featuring live music from local Bernie-inspired musicians, an art show featuring a diverse group of artists who are Bernie supporters, a Bernie-themed photo booth, guest speakers from the local community, a raffle with prizes donated by local musicians and artists, Bernie buttons, stickers, signs and t-shirts for sale, a free “take-a-book/leave-a-book” book trade, voter registration, and a Bernie donation & info table.

Street Art Las Vegas

Sin City has so much more that strip clubs and gambling. Head over to old Las Vegas,  Fremont Street. Cross Las Vegas Blvd going East and you will find a new and exciting twist on Las Vegas.

Street Art: Panama

Truth be told I knew nor do I know much about Panamanian street art other than it's good. I am always please to see how the art of self expression manifest in diffident parts of the world.

A vast majority of these pictures were taken in Panama City and a few were actually taken outside of the neighborhood of  El Chorillo, best known as one of the main targets of the American invasion in 1989. A few were also take in Bocas de Toro (Isla Colon).

Are You What You Wear?

A few days ago I got an inquiry about our line. The person, who I will refer to as “The Activist”, saw our shirts and  was interested in some of our designs. The Activist had only one concern. She wanted to know if  Skool Boiz was a union shop? The Activist only wore apparel that had union labels. I not only like, but also respect the fact that someone is concerned about what they wear. I saw the consistency in the actions and the words of “The Activist’s”. How many social and political activists are wearing sweatshop-produced apparel? How many are aware of the conditions of the workers, usually immigrants, who make our apparel?

Some of us make a conscious effort to make our purchases an overtly political act. Even though it is getting easier, it is not easy. I know where 98% of my t-shirts are made. However, to be honest the origins of the rest of the contents in my closet are unknown. Do you know where all of your clothes are made and under what condition?

Others of us purchase recycled clothing. It is definitely green and an act of consciousness. Is it an ethical purchase? Does it matter if the garment was created or assembled in a non-union shop by a person who was not making a living wage? Perhaps it was made in a sweatshop. Does the secondary purchase nullify the conditions in which it was made?

Purchasing is a political act. Many of us are or have boycotted products to make change. The fact is that we make change every time we open our pockets and wallets. Thus, I pose this question to you: Are you what you wear or do you wear what you are?